SMELLY BALLS Smelly Balls Car Freshener Coconut & Lime

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What’s a Roadie without some balls? Smelly Balls I’m talking about…not sure where your mind went! As if the sweet smell of your Smelly Balls wouldn’t make that long drive just a bit more bearable! We all know that the best part of any road trip is the journey. The destination is nice too, but it’s the journey that makes the memories.


Coconut & Lime Scent:

You’re finally on the beach, & you can’t stop thinking about piña colada’s & getting caught in the rain. Guess what? We’ve got you covered. Coconut + Lime Fragrance Oil is a fresh & sweet fragrance that’s reminiscent of sun-kissed fruity cocktails. It’s perfect for those times when you need to escape or just feel like you’re in your own personal paradise. It’s the ultimate Summer staple.


Included: Balls & 5mL Fragrance Glass Vial with rubber removable dropper control 

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